Eggless Meringues {GF, DF, Vegan}

I know what you’re probably thinking – excuse me? How? What? Why?

Let me tell you, I had exactly the same thoughts when I first came across the concept on Pinterest. I cannot take credit for the recipe as it was the brainchild of Wallflower Kitchen. Go over to her blog to check it out. I can however, confirm that it works and the end result will blow your mind. It certainly did mine!

I don’t want to give the recipe away but I will tell you what the main ingredient is: aquafaba (chickpea water to you and me). You heard right, chickpea water can create this:




You can even perform the famous hold-the-bowl-upside-down test!



The final product:


I crumbled a couple of them up, added some summer berries and a dash of Oatly cream. On a completely unrelated side note, if you’ve never tried Oatly’s chocolate milk then I suggest you add it to your shopping list. Tastes even better than the real thing.



Just a couple of notes on the recipe.

  • Don’t skip the vanilla extract – you need it to eliminate the subtle chickpea taste.
  • I cooked mine for 2 hours, as the recipe says, and they were very sticky and chewy so could maybe have done with a little bit longer. It all depends how you like your meringues though: crispy = cook longer vs chewy = perfect cooking time.

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