My Christmas Wishlist

I loved putting this post together as I was free to imagine myself living in a world where money is no object and I don’t have to ask myself the really practical questions like, “But how much wear will I really get out of this?” and “I can’t possible buy both of these, so which do I like more?”

This is not like last year’s version of my Christmas wishlist as this year I’ve ventured deeper into the realms of higher-end luxury. After all, everybody deserves to dream every now and again.

GG Marmont Velvet Shoulder Bag – Cobalt Blue Velvet

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 09.52.11.png

The price of this beauty is roughly equal to my entire monthly wage, so unless I forgo my rent, this will firmly remain not just on my Christmas wishlist but my forever wishlist. One day in the future when I’m hopefully in a position to be able to reward myself for my hard work – practicing a little self love over here – this will undoubtedly be my luxury purchase of choice.

Grande Seconde Paillonnée

It was only recently that I discovered this watchmaker, through my work of all places, and having learnt about their manufacture, their intricacy, delicacy and level of expertise are like no other.

Tiffany Soleste

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 10.38.47.png

The list wouldn’t be complete without a diamond ring, they are a girl’s best friend after all.

Chloé Wool and Mohair-blend Cape

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 10.45.05.png

I’d wear this on a lazy weekend in Paris, accompanied by a freshly baked warm croissant whilst walking through Le Jardin des Tuileries. Keep on dreaming…

Velvet Love Tub

Screen Shot 2017-11-11 at 10.49.31.png

This would fit perfectly in the corner of the little hall in my flat. It’s velvet and pink, the ultimate girly-girl chair.

I hope you enjoyed reading this fun, silly post. Material goods aside there is nothing more valuable than health and happiness, be it your own, those you love or that of the world as a whole.


Snaps from my Week

Last week, well last weekend in particular, was a busy one. After four days of work I packed an overnight bag (several for that matter – I don’t think I will ever master the art of travelling lightly) and made the 5 hour drive for a long weekend at home. My granny turned 80, I caught up with lots of my lovely friends and busied myself eating the contents of the kitchen cupboards back at home (my mum buys naughty things that I don’t trust myself to have in my house).


{There’s only one way to spend an extended period of time in a car: in pure comfort}


{My mum treated myself and my brother’s girlfriend to a manicure; has to be red}


{Photobombed whilst trying to take an OOTD}


{Betty’s fondant fancy cake for a very special lady’s birthday}


{Wore heels for the first time in years, nearly made it to the end of the night}


{Stumbled across this beauty with my brother whilst out on a Sunday afternoon drive}

Snaps From My Week

A few snaps from last the happenings of last week. It was pretty average week, work eat sleep repeat – we all know the ones, but I did manage to do a spot of dancing around my kitchen (song of choice featured below), enjoyed a spot of breakfast in bed, waged war with a plethora of wasp that decided to seek refuge inside my flat to escape from the cold (their chosen point of entry remains a mystery), and some Sunday afternoon baking as it’s my turn in the office bake off!




{Extremely thrilling Friday night involving some much needed life admin – sporting my comfiest and very wet (the product of a tussle with a very dirt pan) prison-chic outfit]


[What started as washing up turned into a karaoke session in my kitchen – why don’t they produce songs like this anymore?]


[Cold day called for a cosy jumper]


[A dreamy weekend breakfast that involved chocolate and Gilmore Girls ]



[Hideous dream that quite literally made me bolt upright and check it was in fact just a dream]  


[My turn in the office bake off meant Terry’s chocolate orange brownies and banana bread]

Happy hump day everyone!

Snaps From My Week

Well this is my first post for November. Following on from Blogtober I decided to take some time off to regroup – mentally and creatively I suppose. My lovely mum, granny and pooch paid me a visit for a few days and then besides from working I did lots of reading, a spot of shopping (sharing the highlights soon), spent fun days out with friends and indulged in some serious TV vedging.

Relaxing aside, I certainly missed writing and creating posts but it’s important to take the pressure off yourself sometimes, and I certainly feel all the better for it.

This is post contains another first as I’ve decided to start a new series where I share random snaps from my week, rather in the style of Emily Schuman’s Five Things series.


[Vegan friendly version of a full English]


[Popped into the V&A to see Pooh and the gang]


[My first Glossier order arrived]


[Indulged in a spot of Saturday morning reading]


[A very Kensington Halloween]


[Weekend strolls in Landan town]

Hope everyone has a good Monday and a great start to the upcoming week.


October Favourites

If I thought last month’s favourites were random then I think this month might just take the biscuit. Greg Davies and coriander feature: I wasn’t lying.

  1. Exercise

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would voluntarily feature this in my blogposts – and definitely not in a favourites post!

They say that it takes 21 days for something to become part of your routine and after my 30-day exercise challenge in September it’s just become a natural thing to do. Admittedly I’m not exercising every day but I’m aiming for at least 5/6 times a week.

It’s become a way for me channel any stress and anxiety and having spent the majority of the day sitting down I see it as my ‘me time’ to jump around my living room for 30 mins.

2. Fresh Herbs

In the past I’ve always relied on dried herbs to add flavour to my cooking but recently I’ve discovered the world of fresh herbs.


I had just been buying the fresh pots from the supermarket but whilst perusing in Homebase a couple of weekends ago (went for a lightbulb and came out with much more – even I was surprised in a hardware shop) I ventured into the seed aisle and this caught my attention.

IMG_3056 (1)

Suddenly the idea of planting, watering and watching my very own herbs grown before my eyes became my new little project. There’s something so satisfying about cutting fresh herbs that you can then add to your cooking. I’ll know I’ll have made it in life when I have my very own vegetable and herb garden, but for now this will do.

3. Podcasts

The new perfect accompaniment to my lunchtime walks.

I’m currently listening to (and loving):

The Heart of It with Estée Lalonde

Lady Lovin’ – who remembers Lo Bosworth from her Hills days?!

Simon Mayo’s Confessions  – sometimes I leave work late and miss the 5.40 pm confessions on Radio 2. The majority of these never fail to make me gasp and giggle all within the space of ten minutes.

4. Comedy Programmes

I love laughing. Is that a strange thing to say? I love surrounding myself with funny vibrant people that make me laugh.

That being said I never used to be a fan of scripted comedy – Friends being the exception. On the whole I found it cringey and forced. However I’ve recently discovered a new found love for a good comedy programme, popcorn and tea on a Friday night. Wild, I know.

These are on my current watch list:

Would I Lie To You?

Not Going Out

Man Down

5. Nakd Cocoa Coconut

My snack drawer at work, yes that’s a thing I have, is filled to the brim with Nakd bars. They’re filling, all natural and damn delicious.

This new flavour has rocked my world. Coconut and chocolate are already a winning combination in my eyes, back in the days when I ate dairy I would hoover up the unwanted Bountys from the leftover Christmas chocolates, and these are divine. If you are partial to a Bounty then I actually think these are better than the real thing.

This post signals the end of Blogtober! It’s been a lot of work and planning but I’ve enjoyed it tremendously, after all I wouldn’t have done it otherwise. I also plan on doing Blogmas again this year so look out for lots of festive-ness in December time.


November Resolutions

Christmas lights are slowly being put up, bonfire night is around the corner and the nights are drawing in: Must be my favourite time of year.

It’s alarming to think how quickly this year has gone and this will be my penultimate monthly resolutions for 2017.

1. Walk more 

This primarily applies to the weekends. Working a sedentary job means that there isn’t much scope to be active during the week (apart from lunchtimes) so Saturday and Sunday pose the prime opportunity to get moving.

2. Read

Speaking to the majority of my friends this is definitely something that most of them also strive to do. It’s so easy to become immersed in Instagram or a Netflix series and seeing as I spend most of my life staring at a screen I need to incorporate more downtime into my daily routine.

It shouldn’t be too challenging this time of year as is there anything better that being snuggled up in bed, rain lashing on the windows, cup of tea in hand and a good book?

3. Be kinder to myself

This is a constant battle I have with myself as I’m always beating myself; usually over something very meagre.

If I’m feeling tired have an early night or allow myself to have a lie in at the weekend.

If it gets to Friday night, or any night, and I don’t have the strength to cook not feel so bad about nipping to the shop for a ready meal.

4. Eat more leafy greens

I know that typically people tend to get on the salad/leafy veg hype during spring/summer (summer bods and all) but with it being the typical cold and flu season there’s no harm in giving my immune system a healthy boost.

5. Wash my makeup brushes regularly

It’s so easy to forget to do this but I’m a firm believer that this is a key factor in any good beauty regime.

Johnson’s baby shampoo is my makeup brush wash of choice, it’s nice and gentle yet very effective at removing product that, well let’s just say, has been there a while…



5 Of My Worst Habits

When I first thought about writing this post I was thinking that I would detail silly little habits of mine but before I knew it I’d delved into deeper realms…

  1. Picking off my nail varnish

and leaving little piles of it all over the house….

My mum and granny can most certainly vouch for this one. My granny slaps my hands every time she sees me doing it and my mum makes little digs like “What are these little red specks on my nice cream carpet?”

The problem is that once even the tiniest corner of my varnish chips then the perfectionist inside me can’t stand the sight of it, and so it all has to come off. Granted, most of the time I’m also too lazy to go and fetch my nail varnish remover.

2. Fretting

Without a doubt I’ve inherited this from my mum.

I manage to fret about things ranging from where is best to get my petrol from (but is it convenient to go the one that’s further away and the cheapest if it takes longer to get there in the first place?), when should I set the washing machine going (if I start the washing machine at 11am on a Saturday morning will the baby that lives below me being having a nap at that time? I don’t want to wake him up after all) or what order makes the most sense for me to do my errands in (they don’t need to be done in a set order of course).

This is not only very tiring but it wastes a lot of time.

3. Feeling self-conscious

Sadly, I don’t think I’ve ever spoken to anyone, primarily girls, but not exclusively, who don’t also struggle with this.

It’s definitely a sign of the times and due to the happening of social media I think it’s a problem that has certainly been exacerbated over the past few years.

At the end of the day there will always be someone who has better skin than you, is slimmer than you, has thicker hair than you etc. Always remind yourself that you don’t know them, they may hate the hair that you’re lusting after and may have their own insecurities and hang-ups.

It’s only as I’ve got older that I’ve realised that there is so much more to life than worrying about how you look. The amount of times in the past that I never dared go swimming because I was worried about people seeing me in a bikini – thus missing out on lots of fun with friends and family- or not buying a certain pair of jeans because I was convinced they made my thighs look like they’d tripled in size.

Moral of the story: If you like the jeans buy them. The majority of the time all your insecurities are in your head anyway.

4. Caring what people think too much

This habit creeps in in many areas of my life. From what I wear to what I do to what I don’t do.

I’ve mentioned this in a post before but this is one of the primary reasons that it took me so long to even start my blog in the first place. Will people think it’s silly or amateurish? Will people think my posts boring or the quality of my pictures naff? If you enjoy doing something then that’s all that matters. Who cares what anyone else thinks?

5. Not pleasing myself

Of course this is a swings and roundabouts kind of habit. If you swing too far one way then there’s the risk of becoming a selfish and pompous being but too far the other way, i.e. pleasing everyone else, can lead to resentment and well misery.

I find that I’m getting better at finding a happy balance of doing what I want to do vs. what I think I should do.